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Name: KGA128 Super-High-Speed Direct Warping Machine

Date: 2017/11/7 13:35:40

KGA128 Super-High-Speed Direct Warping Machine


Scope of Application

    This machine can accurately control thelength and arrangement of warp yarn. It is suitable for directly warping of various kinds of chopped yarns and is the pre-spinning preparation equipment for various kinds of shuttleless looms.

Main specifications20171102140950_9975.jpg

Working Widht: 1800mm,2000mm,2200mm,2400mm

Other width can be adjusted according to customer requirement

Max. diameter of warp beam:800mm、1000mm

Speed of beam warping:300-1200m/min

Braking length:≤3m(500m/min)

Error in the length of warped yarn:≤0.2%

Left and right adjustable range of reed:0-40mm

Operation displayer:10.4 inch touch panel

Power of main engine:15KW 18KW

Bobbin creel : large V shape creel

Weight of main engine:3800Kg

Technical Features

1. The warping beam is directly driven, the variable frequency control motor has achieved stepless setting for yarn warping speed, and the yam speed is constant.

2. Adopt indirect pressure between press rollers thus to prevent jump in the pressing procedure and the formation of spindle beam would be round and uniformed. The press roller adopts hydraulic braking; the instant separation in braking avoids the friction between press roller and the surface of yarn.

3. Adopt clamp braking in left and right warp beam, clamp braking in yarn guiding roller; the braking is stable and fast.

4. The beating head of left and right synchronize mechanical beating device adopts bevel gear pattern to precise the centering thus to ensure the synchronizing performance of the rotation and braking of warping beam.

5. Adopt interconnecting length calculation of yarn press roller and warping beam the accuracy of which is higher.

6. Blasting function is set for the space in creel reed to clean the reed gear;the function of reed gear to flap left to right and up to down avoids the abrasion of reed gear which ensures the equality and uniformity in yarn winding.

7. Anti-winding device is equipped between creel reed and yarn guide roller which works at the startup of machine to rearrange the yarns uniformly.

8. Adopt totally closed guard device which would automatically open when the equipment stopped running; the operation is safer and convenient.

9. The operation combines the adoption of button and touch panel according to requirements; the function is more reasonable; the operation is faster and convenient


No crossed threads

When stopping or starting, threads may get crossed between the comb and deflecting roll. They may often lead to end breaks when sizing. The automatic uncrossing device (patented worldwide)

ensures that the thread array is restored immediately after starting.

Indirect pressing with active kick-back

The presser roll is of hard paper and has strong end rings to prevent damage. The increasing yarn diameter on the beam forces the press roller back against the resistance of the pre-set pressing force. Thanks to this indirect pressing action the winding is always absolutely cylindrical. Upon braking, the press roller is immediately swung away hydraulically. All friction between roll and yarn is avoided.


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