Sectional Warping Machine


Name: KGA215C Integral Warp-rebeaming Machine

Date: 2017/11/7 14:14:29

KGA215C Integral Warp-rebeaming Machine


Main specifications

1、Work width:2300 ~ 4800(mm) (could be made per the customer’s demand)20171102142839_1251.jpg

2、Beam disc diameter:800(mm)、1000(mm)、1250(mm)

3、Warping speed:0 ~ 600(m/min)

4、Beaming speed:0 ~ 100(m/min)

5、Deviation of linear speed:±2%

6、Braking distance:≤ 2(m)(at the speed of 300m/min)

7、Beaming tension:≤ 6000(N)(at the beaming speed ≤50m/min)

8、Drum diameter:1026(mm)

9、Cone Lenth:1010(mm)

10、Cone angle:9°

11、Stripe wiring speed:0.001 ~ 9.999(mm/r)( 无级 stepless)

12、Deviation of stripe follow-up:0.02%

13、Distance between space reed and the drum):Adjustable

14、Positioning of cone starting point):Automatic

15、Stripe Iocation):Automatic20171102142850_0527.jpg

16、Stripe width(The length should not be longer than the guide roller):0.1 ~ 999.9(mm) (The length should not be longer than the guide roller)

17、Spindle space:250x250(mm) 、280x280(mm)(could be made per the customer’s demand)

18、Spindle numbers:640,720,800,960ends(Could be adjusted according to customers requirements)

19、Input voltage:3x380V(±10%)


21、Warping motor power:7.5(KW)

22、Beaming motor power:15(KW)

23、Strip traverse motor:1.5(KW)

24、Warping and beaming frame weight:4500(kg)

25、Creel weight:2500(kg)