Sectional Warping Machine


Name: KGA163C Smart-High-Speed Sectional Warping Machine

Date: 2017/11/7 14:38:14

KGA163C Smart-High-Speed Sectional Warping Machine


Scope of Application20171102143319_7061.jpg

This machine is suitable for sectional warping of all types of yarns,including worsted fabric, synthetic filament fabric, yarn-dyed fabric,real silk fabric, and pecial textiles etc. It can be used as the pre-weaving preparation equipment for shuttleless loom of rapier,projectile, water-jet and air-jet etc., it is the preferential equipment of weaving mill for developing various top-grade fabrics or special-type fabrics. It can meet the sectional warping of various top-grade fabrics, precision fabrics and heavy tension fabrics.

Technical Features

1. Warping and beaming is driven by A.C.frequency converter so that constant yarn speed and tension is gained even at high speed.

2. The special machinery-electricity-gas integrated oil pressure equipment can create oil pressure and drive the clamping braker to realize the controlling of warp brake, The proportioning valve control the damping mode of the outer steel node and realize the automatic control of the beam tension.20171102143326_8345.jpg

3. Warp servo transmission uses the ball bearing lead screw structure and has the characteristic of rapid response, high precision. Bar position setting and initial, potential adjustment will complete automatically once button pressing.

4. The forward and backward movement of warping table is controlled by AC digital servo controller and transmission of ball screw rod. The system is also equipped with press roller and several kinds of sensors.

5. The application of press roller guarantees the more flatness of the thread.The warping table will be back for the same distance in the warping procedure.

6. Serve motor will measure the thickness of warp thread for several timesthrough the transmission of the ball bearing lead screw and realize theautomatic measurement of the warping displacement (patent technology).

7. The steel drum is subject to high precisiondynamic balance calibration.

8. Use the communication technology, machinery-electricity-liquid-gas integrateddesign.Configuremultiple PLCs, digital A.C. servo frequency inverters, two touch screens, and onelong-distance monitor. The system is advanced, reliable andhighly automated.

9. The warping frame is moved on the rail, but the lease reed and creel are fixedso that the position of warp stripe is unchanged and the side yarn tension isalso constant.

10. The movable beaming part can match one or more warping machine. The electrical source and air supply are connected by the inserter, simple and reliable.In case of a unit, it could be securely installed.

11. Various types of bobbin creel are available, and the spindle pitchand spindle number could be selected according to the customer’s request.

12. Several types of tension devices and warp stop motions are available.

13. Static eliminator is provided in the warping table and oiling equipment is provided in the beaming part.

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