Cone Winding Machine / Rewinder


Name: KGA281 Cone Winding Machine / Rewinder

Date: 2017/11/7 9:47:04

KGA281 Cone Winding Machine / Rewinder


Scope of Application20171102140056_1369.jpg

It is mainly used to unwind dyed warp yarns directly into cheese.It features the great capacity, small color difference, zeroabrasion, even waxing, good forming and convenient unwinding.It can meet and adapt to requirements of jeans fabric yarn.

Technical Features

1. The PLC control can perform the servo control over beaming,unwinding and winding independently in order to synchronize the front and rear units stably.

2.The color touch screen is provided with port of flash disk. You can input the name of client, number of shaft, the number of contract, the name of operator, the length of warp and other data in the computer.20171102140217_2396.jpg

3. Winding speed: 0-130m/min, adjustable

4. The built-in infrared detector of broken yarn is sensitive and reliable and indicates the broken yarn.

5. Winding quantity per cycle: 400pcs (adjustable)

6. Beam:Φ1000mm head

7. It is provided with the waxing unit.

8. Adopt the electromechanical program control. Control the shaft feeding and discharging, yarn compression and brake pneumatically.The warping beam is closed normally. If it is open, the machine is switched into the motor control.

Main specifications

1. Suitable Yarn Count: 18-98’S20171102140258_4779.jpg

2. Working Width: 1600mm,1800mm

3. Beam Plate Diameter: 800mm,1000mm

4. Speed of winding: 0~130m/min

5. Length of winding: 20S yarn 35000 meters

6. Number of head in winding: 400-600 (user defined)

7. Operation monitor: 5.7" touch screen

8. Input voltage: 3x380V±10%

9. Motor power: 3 KWX3

10. Machine weight: 7000kg

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